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Thursday, September 29

Hello Kitty

I had to share this photo from last week. I was visiting a great friend who had just brought a new kitty (named 'Hello Kitty' by the kids) that was 6 weeks old and was helping the kids to get adjusted to her. My heart melted as I'm totally a cat person and grew up with cats and kittens all my life and she is just a wiry tailed ball of fuzzy, mewing energy! Well HK was just so pooped after her first day at her new digs that she fell asleep purring on Amelia's bottom.  Melted heart and just wanted to take her home, she is just so adorable!!
34 weeks & 4 days - September 23rd with Hello Kitty


  1. I love kitties!!! Their purr is so calming. I wonder if Amelia could feel it.
    Love to you!

  2. Beautiful you and I want that kitty!