I'll find you in the bright colours and quite places, always remembered beautiful Elizabeth - Auntie K


I love rainbows and I think of Elizabeth, and the words of my sister K

'I'll find you in bright colours and quite places ~ always remembered beautiful Elizabeth'

Here is a collection of rainbows.
If you have any you'd like to share, I'd be most honoured to show them here.

This special rainbow was send to me today by Eva's mother.  I don't know where it was taken, but it was taken on October 7th 2010; the evening before Eva lost her battle for life the next day.  Eva Margaret was born into this world August 14th 2010.  Thank you for sharing this rainbow, know that Eva has a place in my heart also.
For Eva Margaret August 14 ~ October 8th 2010

The whole day had been either rain and then shine, until they came together here
Thursday September 9th 2010

From our front door step,
as the sun was setting on November 26th 2010
Ma took this picture from her back garden in Lincolnshire, UK.
Taken on November 22nd 2010
This beautiful sight greeted us on our front door step after days of hibernation
You can just see the double rainbow here
Taken on October 16th 2010

My sister K took this and sent it; the sun reflecting off the optics, in her bar.
Taken on October 12th 2010 ~ Angel, London.

This was also taken by Ma from her back garden, over looking the crops.
Taken September 22nd 2010

A rainbow on my wrist, where my ink is now.  Also taken on September 22nd 2010.
Our bedroom windows have cut glass in them, so when the sun comes up in the morning it would shine dozens of them onto our bed.  The trees outside our window however have their fresh leaves ~ I wait for them to shed those, so I may have the morning rainbows once again