I'll find you in the bright colours and quite places, always remembered beautiful Elizabeth - Auntie K

Wednesday, August 17

Birthday Plans, The Beach & a Pregnancy Update

So what are we doing for Elizabeth's birthday this coming Monday?

I sent out cards to family and friends with a photo of Elizabeth in it - I know many of the family haven't got one and thought it time they did. The card asks them to join us in remembering her on 22nd by taking a photograph of the sunrise and sunset that day. We will be doing this every year and collecting the photos in an album, then when the time comes I can hand this down to Amelia and any siblings to carry on. As I see it, the beauty of this is that no matter where you are in the world; you'll always be able to see the sun, stop and remember our Elizabeth in those moments. It is such a small part of the day, to be mindful at the start and finish of her day...

Well actually the planning part is quite time consuming really as I discovered. I took a sunrise scope out at a local beach on the West of the bay yesterday. I made sure I had everything sorted; address to follow, checked I had enough space on a memory card, charged my camera and set my alarm for half 5 in the morning, made a flask of tea and got rugged up - it was rewarded with a deserted and peaceful beach, I only passed two lots walking their dogs. It is a small sandy beach, lots of birds about and the waters were so calm. I think there is plenty of scope to write her name in the sand too.
The sun coming up was beautiful; it came behind distant mountains and because of the cloud cover, made such a red spectacle in them. I didn't actually see the sun at all, but those moments between the mountains and clouds where worth it. The weather here is due to be gloriously clear and sunny, so my hopes are high for Monday.

We will be taking the sunset photo from the tallest building in Melbourne; a shot over the city - we don't know where we'll be next year, the year after or after that and I like the difference the photos will show - this is where we are living here and now and get the best of both worlds.

And it doesn't really matter how the photos come out to be honest; it's the thought of holding Elizabeth in our hearts and minds. So I extend the invitation out to the blogosphere; if any of you wonderful readers would like to remember Elizabeth and contribute to her album of sunrise and/or sunset photos - we would be most honoured and that would make heart soar!

There will be a cake made; a super-duper chocolate cake with double icing and smarties on top - I'll probably bake it the day before - that was one stipulation that A. made; something to sweeten the day. He has taken the day off and it'll be just us, but there will be time to ourselves; to write and think of our daughter without having to think of the other. There will be candles lit, lots of cuddles, tears, smiles, but mostly love in our hearts. That is my main aim, to remember her with this wondrous love and not turn her day into some kind of sad, depressed day where I'm selfishly just thinking of what we have lost.
Something to aspire to eh...

Pregnancy Update

29 weeks and 2 days

How are you physically?
Not bad considering I was in hospital this time last week, I have been taking it gently and haven't had anymore episodes of the tightenings, only a sporadic few Brixton Hicks. I actually went for a swim with no adverse affects this morning, which adds to my confidence a little.
But I am slowing down again now I'm in the last trimester; getting tired and needing to rest more - although I'm not sure if that is to with my state of mind or not?

How are you doing emotionally?
Emotionally I'm a mess. I have cried at the drop of a hat the past few days, for touching cards/emails sent for Elizabeth's birthday, beautiful texts and photos - then on the flip side of that the is all the anger and frustration of 'those harsh words' having conjured in me. I just don't have the energy required to please everyone, nor the will to do so. I just want to cocoon myself away and remember Elizabeth in peace. But in doing that I'd miss the heartfelt thoughts, actions and words of others - I'm stuck.

Hospital appointments and clinical
My discharge summery said 'threatened preterm labour', but all is well still here. 
My only appointment this week is with the Endocrinologist today, just getting blood results back to which they are all good - I did pass the GTT with flying colours too.
Next week I have an appointment with Penny.

I lost a bit of weight this week - growth spurt over with for awhile.
At the level 2 ultrasound the end of last week, measurements made Amelia to weigh in at about 1300g (2.8lbs) and was asked if I had GD by the sonographer - she is getting big and measuring a least a week ahead in all parts, which we couldn't be happier about; Elizabeth was a small baby and suffered some growth restriction. 

Tuna sandwiches and drinking my own weight in hot drinks of one sort or another - all non caffeinated and usually very milky.

Preparations & Plans
There are sales in the shops for baby clothes right now and all I've done is asked them when they finish; some end this weekend - will my want for a bargain out weigh my reluctance to buy any baby staples before Elizabeth's birthday?

Belly Photo
29 weeks - August 15th


  1. I will certainly do my best to get those photos for you. No idea how or where I'll be on the day, but regardless of whether I can get the pictures, I will be thinking of you and baby Elizabeth.
    In the meantime, you and Amelia are looking so gorgeous.

  2. Thinking of you and Elizabeth as the 22nd approaches.

    You look wonderful. Happy to hear Amelia is growing well and you are feeling okay.

  3. I love the idea of taking pictures of a sunrise and sunset. I will try to get picturse for you and will be thinking of you and Elizabeth on her birthday.

  4. Such a sweet idea with the sunrise/sunset photos! Will be thinking of you as this tough milestone approaches.

  5. Count on photos from Kansas my friend. We may not have mountains or beaches, but we can be just as beautiful. I am happy that everything is progressing for you and know I will be thinking of you and Elizabeth on Monday.

  6. That's a beautiful idea for Elizabeth's birthday. I'll have to get my own creative wheels going for Charlotte's birthday in November.

    I'm glad to hear Amelia is growing big and strong!